Accelewriting® by
Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Nobody likes waiting. Not you, and definitely not your potential clients. Why waste hours or even days, when you could have it done in minutes? Get Sagicor's best underwriter, on their best day, every day with the decision
back to you in minutes using Accelewriting®. Contact CPS Life Sales at 949.558.2405 to learn how you can begin helping your clients through
Sagicor's processes & products. 

Fast Application

Sagicor's eApplication eliminates the third-party telephone interview and allows for you to meet with your client in person or by phone. The eApplication with electronic signature also ensures the application is in good order before you submit it.

Fast Underwriting Decision
& Policy Issue

Accelewriting® allows Sagicor to give you the underwriting decision within minutes ( 1-2 minutes on average), issue your client’s policy faster, and pay you commission sooner. Thanks to Sagicor's robust automated rules engine, you’re getting their best underwriter on their best day, every day.